Angies List Review

No problem too small or challenging and Charlie runs his business as a true professional should. I suffered the demise of my mailbox after a recent snowstorm and an overzealous plow driver. Quite simply, the wooden post had been snapped off at the base. I had initially called another well-reviewed handyman who agreed to come out do a temporary repair until the spring when I would have him come back and put a new post/mailbox in. After several conversations and a little delay, that handyman came out and said that, because the ground was still too frozen from the last deep freeze, I might have to wait several weeks for the temporary install. I questioned that simply because I knew that there were ways to work around frozen ground (e.g., even with boiling water and a pickaxe) so, before I completely gave up, I tried Atlantic Remodeling Inc. Both Charlie and his office assistant scoffed at the response I had gotten from the first gentlemen and Charlie guaranteed he could fix the mailbox quickly. True to his word, Charlie promptly came out a couple of days later and, using a steel reinforcement spike I had purchased at one of the big box hardware stores, reinstalled the mailbox that day. It sits solid and firm in the ground and, were I not planning to buy a new one in the near future, could probably last forever (or at least until it meets another overzealous plow driver) Cost? Nothing. As a true businessman understands, good and trusted service brings in loyal, dedicated customers. Not only will I have him install my new mailbox and post this coming spring, but I have several other larger jobs that I will need in the next year or so. Charlie will have my business for those as well.
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